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  • Frank Schnitzeler

    Semarang, Indonesia
    RATING 5/5

    My 87 year old mother and her sister and brother did a tour with this company and I am very very happy with the professional service they provided. The staff were very friendly and polite and the tour was beautiful and very interesting. Also the communication with mister Hugo, I think he is the owner, went very smooth. As a bonus my mom was invited to a traditional wedding, she enjoyed it so much! Five stars for Hugo and his team!!! Highly recommended.
    Submited at June 16, 2023

  • Molly

    Boulder, Colorado, USA
    RATING 5/5

    My mother and I took a 6D5N tour with Hugo and I can say it was one of the best experiences of my life (and I have travelled a lot!!) Hugo was helpful and communicative from the start, picked us up from the airport and we were well taken care of the whole tour, with food and nice lodgings provided. Thanks to the expert driving of Teo, we got to see the whole beautiful island of Sumba, including waterfalls, stunning beaches, and the legendary Pasola festival. As a local, Hugo’s friendliness and familiarity with the people of Sumba allowed us to experience authentic hidden villages and interact with the local people and learn about their daily lives/traditions. Hugo is a wonderful guide and I can’t recommend this tour enough!! I hope to come back again one day, thank you Hugo.
    Submited at March 6, 2023

  • Eszter Gaal

    RATING 5/5

    I booked a 6 day private tour with Tour-Sumba for January 2023. Hugo was my excellent guide. Before the trip, Hugo presented a proposal for the itinerary taking into account my special interests. It was a well balanced tour between beautiful nature sights, traditional villages and handicrafts, including the most wonderful ikat weaving locations. The trip was pre-planned but also flexible in terms of time spent at places of interest. Hugo has an in-depth knowledge of “adat” - traditions and customs that are omnipresent in the lives of the people of Sumba. He has excellent connections and friendships with the villagers that open many doors. I am very happy to have travelled with Hugo, to have made the excellent decision to book a tour with his company. Thank you Hugo and Feri for the memorable experience, it was the most enjoyable tour!
    Submited at January 20, 2023

  • Reny Rohjani

    RATING 5/5

    We traveled as a family of four and did a trip on the island of Flores and Sumba Island. Mas Hugo, the owner of Tour Sumba was very helpful from the start when we planned this trip. The itinerary was arranged in such a way that it can adjust between our wishes and time constraints. The first day we were supposed to land at Bajo, was hampered by bad weather. The trip to Waerebo couldn't be done because after we tried it, two routes to get there were cut off due to flooding and landslides. Luckily we traveled with Tour Sumba who really know the area and have many relationships on the two islands, so plan B can be carried out smoothly, so we can still sleep in a comfortable hotel and not stay up too late. The guides who accompanied us in Flores, Mas Chelly and Mas Argent in Sumba, were very helpful, knowledgeable and fun. The long journey was still exciting and fun (although I and my daughters need to drink antimo while in Flores because the road is very winding ). The drivers are the best, mas Tion in Flores and mas Anto in Sumba. My daughter says that Argent and Anto are 'dynamic duo', we were singing and laughing together along the trip, soooo fun . Thank you so much Tour Sumba for the best trip. Will come back again, soon, in another season. we are in loveee with Sumba and Flores
    Submited at January 5, 2023

  • Akua

    Abu Dhabi
    RATING 5/5

    Five days and 4 nights in paradise! Thank you to Tour Sumba for an experience like no other. I have travelled to over 70 countries across the globe and Sumba Island is easily in my top 3 destinations. The beauty, simplicity and authenticity of this island is beyond beautiful. My guide Hugo and driver Theo were simply amazing and ensured this experience would be unforgettable. The tour included a trip to Theo's home where his mother gave me a cooking lesson. I felt like I was truly at home and am so grateful for this one-of-a-kind authentic experience. At times, I felt like I was in a National Geographic documentary having this off the beaten track immersive experience, where time stands still, and traditions hold strong. Both Hugo and Theo were patient when all I wanted to do was soak myself up in this life changing experience, take copious photos (by the way they are both great photographers), journal and meditate in the most beautiful settings I have ever come across. Tour Sumba are well organized and were very responsive to all the questions I had prior to the tour. I would highly recommend them and suggest that you don't waste your time looking elsewhere if you are visiting Sumba Island. I will definitely use them on one of my group transformational travel adventures in the future. Thank you to Hugo and Theo at Tour Sumba for an experience I will never forget.
    Submited at October 18, 2022

  • Klaudia

    RATING 5/5

    I did the 5 days/4 night tour through Sumba and I‘m still overwhelmed by the many amazing impressions I have from this island! The tour is great organized, you‘ll see the most fascinating and beautiful places you can see within 5 days, starting in the West of Sumba heading to the East. I was also positively surprised by the choice of Hotels (clean, friendly atmosphere) and the fresh food (even as a vegetarian I always found something vegetarian). I would highly recommend tour-sumba, we had a lot of fun these couple of days with Hugo and Theo which was definitely a highlight and perfect ending after traveling for 6 months through Indonesia. Thank you for your professional guidance!
    Submited at August 24, 2022

  • Mark van Spall

    RATING 5/5

    Hello everybody, we would highly highly recommend tour-sumba! My wife and I did the private tour, 4 days 3 nights, but we extended with another day so in the end it was 5 days 4 nights. With the great tourguide (Ally)Son and the safe driver Danny we had great fun singing, dancing and touring to the most beautifull places in the world. Son told us he had been looking on Google for the garden of Eden, well after five days we told him it was right in front of him. We learned a lot, the tour was super flexible, we visited the pastor, his family and his Sumba children who are given a chance to grow and learn by him and the teachers. Magical waterfalls, lagoons, villages, animals, plants, food, unbelievable. Thank you Son, Danny, Hugo and the great people of Sumba for your hospitality, kindness and happiness, we will allways remember! Warmest regards, Mark and Ellie
    Submited at August 2, 2022

  • Michael K

    RATING 5/5

    Just a wonderful Tour with Tour Sumba

    If you want to explore the wonderful world of Sumba off the beaten track, Hugo and Team Tour Sumba are the place to be. You will be looked after by locals who know the island very well. Each tour can be planned individually and Hugo can help and recommend you. We can highly recommend Tour Sumba
    Submited at March 4, 2021

  • Elizabeth Q

    RATING 5/5

    Amazing tour, fantastic people

    We spent 5 days in Sumba, we were so lucky to find Tour Sumba site the same day we landed without any plan. Hugo and colls were so nice since our first chat, they organized a great 4 days-tour in a couple of hours for us, they drove 5 hours to picked us the next day in our hotel. Those days were amazing, great nature, wonderdul beaches, also we met local people and enjoyed local food. Everything well organized by the agency, we only has to enjoy the island. Thank you guys for a great time, we hope to come back soon to the paradise!
    Submited at March 4, 2021

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