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Our team has extensive knowledge and experience of the island we are based in and will use our expertise to realize your perfect trip. We all enjoy travelling and believe that Sumba is a great travel destination for you to explore.


Tour Sumba is dedicated to the best quality of service, which is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers and they give us the best reviews. We take great pride in our customers feedback that they will recommend us to friends and family.


We organise everything for you, route planning-making bookings-take you on tour. We are glad to offer you the best rates on our tours, transfers and other services. We never put any hidden cost. Our prices are always relevant and affordable.


Tour Sumba will take you to the best spots of Sumba Island. We proudly bring you to feel the natural beauty, stretch of white sand beaches, unique waterfalls, undulating savannah and getting closer to the people and the ancestral culture heritage.

Welcome to Sumba !

Sumba is made from a strong integration between the rich of culture, the beauty of nature and the hospitality of its people.

By visiting traditional villages, we will find  natural hauses. We can interact with the people of Sumbawho live in there and learn the way of their traditional life. Don't miss the smile of the children as they greet you warmly.

Pasola is the main festival in February and March, the game of throwing wooden javelins from the back of horses that runs fast between two opposing groups.

Make sure you visit the beautiful beaches. Almost all the beaches are white sands, like Mananga Aba, Watubela, Bwanna, Puru Kambera, Walakiri, and Tarimbang.Many Waterfalls in Sumba is located in the middle of a National Park. Coming to the waterfalls can be an unforgettable trekking experience. Some of them are Matayangu, Lapopu, and Waimarang.

Sumba has the largest savannah in eastern of Indonesia. There are a lot of interesting spots to enjoy a very beautiful expanse of savannah.  Don’t forget the famous Weekuri Lagoon.

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Berbagai destinasi wisata yang telah kami siapkan untuk Anda dan keluarga. Are you ready for adventure?

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Beautiful Sumba

Sout West Sumba
IDR 4.000.000 / pax
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Exotic Sumba

Sumba Overland
IDR 5.000.000 / pax
Diskon Tersedia

Wonderful Sumba

Sumba Overland
IDR 6.000.000 / pax


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