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It has been more than a year that we have been trapped in an alarming situation due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We should consciously refrain from #stayhome. Various struggles and policies were carried out by the government, medical officers and various parties to overcome this serious problem. Using a mask, washing hands, always carrying a hand sanitizer and keeping a distance are common new habits to run. We are now living in a new normal.

Currently, various areas of our life, such as social patterns to business in the economic sector, are changing rapidly following the standards of the new normal. The tourism industry is also not standing still. Several approaches were made to adapt. Starting from the implementation of Covid-free medical tests for transportation equipment users, handsanitizer placement in hotel and land transportation vehicles, checks the temperature of the body at the airport, restaurant and other facilities, until strict protocol at tourist sites is implemented.

The aplication of this new habit does not necessarily return the desire and enthusiasm of all travelers to start enjoying the beauty of nature and explore the uniqueness of culture. Many of us think about the complicated of a new habit of traveling. Not to mention the demands of additional costs in its application. It could be that you have the experience of spending more to pay for the Rapid Test fee. And most importantly, there is a lack of guaranteed safety from contracting Covid 19 on a tour.

Beaches, waterfalls, hills and mountains, traditional villages, meeting new friends, are still just a dream. All natural beauty can only be reached in virtual spaces. Isn’t it annoying to just discover the beauty of Weekuri Lagoon on the Instagram feed? Even then, an old photo of your friend who has been there. Or it could be that you watch television shows about traveling and find a little information there “documentation was taken before covid19.” I’m guessing, many of us are subscribers of some travel vloggers on Youtube to get holiday inspiration. Maybe you are also a fan of artists and celebrities who like to travel and upload the fun of their holidays on this platform. Spending your internet quota for that is not a real tour.

The real thing about tourism is that you find yourself swimming on a newly explored beach, running happily on the sand. The real tourism is that you play your fingers between the grass of the savanna. It is about you find yourself having the fear of jumping from the top of a waterfall. It could be that you find yourself feeling awkward because you are exhausted on the trekking path when your friends have left you far ahead.

Yes, We truly understand this longing. And we have the same great desire to meet you soon and serve you on the tour. In these uncertain times, we know you want more assurance that your vacation will go smoothly. As a result, we’ve looked at every facet of the Tour Sumba holiday experience and adapted and upgraded our services to new standards, so you can travel with confidence. That the actual process of coming to Sumba and returning to where you came from will be as easy as possible, and, most importantly, you can trust the Tour Sumba to organize the trip.

We invite you to realize your Sumba tour plan. It will be interesting if you can visit us with your little family. Right, only your family. This is in accordance with the travel program that we specially designed to meet your holiday needs during this pandemic. You don’t have to worry about having to join a tour with strangers. No, it’s only for you and your family.

I remember when I did guide and operating tours in the early days. Guiding and accompanying a family group was the activity we do most often. It was really the most valuable experience to be with the small group of family even in a very short time. My team and I feel proud to be people who take part in realizing togetherness and happiness in the family when they took vacation in Sumba.

For those of you, newly married couple. Maybe Sumba is an alternative place for honeymooning. Ah, sure. Sumba is perfect for that. I can imagine only the two of you enjoying the exoticism of Waimarang Waterfall. Only two of you holding hands intimately at the top of the expanse of Wairinding Hill. Soon, it will be the right moment just for two of you to pamper your eyes enjoying the sunset on Mananga Aba Beach.

Tour Sumba looks forward to welcoming you to Sumba Island.

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